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About Us

Twin Peaks Gaming was created in 2015 as an escape for adults looking to get away from the squeaky kids. We realized that when an adult is playing a game it is often met with kids acting a fool, trolling, and just being immature children. We wanted a place where we didn’t have to monitor our language and could talk with other adults without the issue that it could bring with underage people in chats.

With that in mind, we host our own whitelisted and/or password protected servers. We actively weed out any under 18 people with a simple application that allows us to quickly check for not only underage people but also to help us check for trolls and griefers.

Beyond that our goals are simple. Be a place where adults can be adults and can play without the aforementioned issues.

The Twin Peaks Gaming Team

TPG Team
Vanish_Override aka Vanish, The Great King
RufioGuy – TPG Streamer
Bryan[Nyte] aka Lord Nytmare
bottledgenie01 aka Boobalicious Genie

Redeye123 aka Redeye123, Swipe Right for Love
Gimzi aka Gimlet
SlothSan_ aka Devin, King of Sloths