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TPG Rules

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  1. Respect everyone!
    • No hate speech or harrassment
    • Dont be a smelly troll
    • No backseat gaming
  2. If you have issues with someone, settle it in private.
    Do NOT bring drama into the main channels.
    Handle your business in private DM’s
  3. Play for fun, keep the peace and use common sense.

*All rules are enforced with a 3 strike system.

1st Strike – Warning from the mods.
2nd Strike – Temporary ban or mute.
3rd Strike – Permanent ban from TPG.

*Non-members will be pruned from the discord at the end of every month.

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Join Us

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Step 1: Join our discord at Step 2: Fill in this simple Application here: TPG Application Step 3: There is no step 3, You’re done.